“Can’t stop got to pop” is it a 21st century disease?

You know the tell-tale symptoms of “can’t stop, got to pop” or as I call it  “busy-i-tus” a 21st  Century disease. When you have no time to do things you want to do, your attention span is that of a gnat and you have that overwhelming sinking feeling of “is this it?” or  (fill in the blanks with your feeling)?

Or maybe it’s just me? You see in 2013 I said, “Hold the corporate bus!” and got off.

I’m half way through my 3rd gap year and have a very different perspective now, and yes it has taken me all this time to find myself again!  After all, it took over three decades to get lost in the first place, so a return on my investment of one year per decade in my University of Life is worth it.

Recently I came across a poem that my children used to love me to read to them in a mad fanatical way, called “A Busy Day” by Michael Rosen or as we call it “Can’t stop, got to pop”:

A Busy Day Micheal Rosen, illustrated by Selina Young

A Busy Day, Michael Rosen. Illustrated by Selina Young

When did everyone get so busy? Any time I hear someone say, “I don’t have time” “I’m too busy”, I think hmmmmmm maybe another undiagnosed case of ’busy-i-tus?

Are these just symptoms of a 21st Century disease?

Lets consider the exponential acceleration of the web with social and mobile technologies; they are always on with the expectation of an immediate response and availability. The good news is that this ubiquitous technology is finally enabling anyone on our planet with a phone to connect, learn and do business in ways that were not possible before. The bad news is that if we are not mindful of the way we place expectations on ourselves to keep up, the cases of “busy-i-tus” will continue grow.

To cure a dis-ease like “busy-i-tus” you first need to be aware that you have it. Only then you can “treat” the cause of your lack of “ease”. Being aware is the first step, then knowing you have a choice is the next, then you can take one step at a time to focus on what’s important to you. Make space in your head and heart, be kind to yourself and then you can be kind to others.

The good news is you don’t have to “get off the bus” and make a big scary life changes like me, you can start now this minute and take one step at a time:

Choose what is important to you, prioritise it, and just do it.

Anyway, can’t stop got to pop!

Debra (Poppins) Fox



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