What if you suspend judgement and are curious?

Wise council Sacha, just being aware of these thoughts is the first step to truly understanding, reminds me of “seek first to understand, before seeking to be understood” habit #5

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So, following my last post on diversity I’ve been reflecting on how this translates into my day to day life as a leader at work. How does it change how I am, who I am?

I confess that I can speak too much, listen too little, be bursting with ideas that can tumble out at a rate of knots. And sometimes when I encounter someone who doesn’t catch my enthusiasm I start to fret. Don’t they understand me? Don’t they think I’m any good at what I’m doing? Who do they think they are?

I hear their explanations setting out their perspective as an attack on my own rather than really listening to what they are saying. It happened to me recently, and then I paused and looked at one of the reminders on the wall: ’Suspend judgement and be curious’. Hm.

So in this pause, where I noticed and…

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