Tectonic shifting in the future of business

The wind is changing for business today, poppin wind chg in fact its more of a tectonic shifting.

Some industries are undergoing disruption of  earthquake proportion, whilst others are experiencing early signals in the form of small tremors.  The  qualities of this tectonic theory are unified with the technology and human behaviour. It has formed seismic waves that are revolutionising our understanding of the future of business.

Technology is a given: The rate of change has not only disrupted the IT industry but has now fundamentally shifted the plates of most others. Some industries are in denial by keeping busy with old models, some have already slipped through the cracks, whilst others have seen the Richter scale readings and are actively seeking  new models and paths.

Human behaviour is the variable: The mindset and expectation of people can range from an all consuming addiction, whilst at the other end some people have developed a form of religious abstention. This personal bias is profoundly affecting the culture within business i.e. the unwritten code of how we do things around here. It is having an accumulative  effect and impacting on their industry, a sort of industry cognitive bias.

This tectonic theory unified by technology and human behaviour is and will continue to fundamentally change the way we do business. Those that run businesses  need to “get out of their own way” to re look at  WHY they are in business. To reconnect with not only those people that pay them (customers) but also just as important, those people that are the business (employees). If you have ever watched the programme “undercover boss” you will know the answer to the business issues always lies with the people who do the job.

For businesses  to have a future they need to reconnecting with WHY they exist, collaborate with diverse people, and embrace technology that can now actually enable them.


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